Human + Kind All in one Body Oil

Another Irish brand for ye today,  Human + Kind.  I have to say the Irish skin care industry are coming out with some amazing brands/products these days!

Anyway I love body oils, I find them more moisturizing for my skin as they absorb really easily into the skin.

Human + Kind’s Body oil is an all in one meaning it’s a multitasker you can use it everywhere even for your hair to keep  the ends healthy and conditioned.

Human+Kind Body Oil €14.95 75ml Continue reading

Review No.7 Beautifully Matte Foundation

I went to boots looking for a foundation as my usual just felt like it was sliding off my face, I have oily skin around my t-zone so and hate looking shiny! It’s very hard to find a good matt foundation that will stay,  not look too heavy but also cover up some redness that I have.

This is the 1st No.7 foundation I have tried and I love it! This foundation stays put all day for me, and seems to rid of any excess oil/shine I get throughout the day! I like a matt foundation as I like to add colour/shine/highlighting myself (like a black piece of paper to start out on)

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone with oily skin!
Also don’t forget that Boots sometimes do the €7.50 off vouchers for no.7 so you could get this foundation under €12 happy days! :)



To make it so much easier to find the right foundation shade Boots have a new No.7 Foundation Match Made Service which has been under development for the past three years by Boots Scientists (fancaaay) It’s a little device that assesses skin  tone, colour saturation and lightness of skin to  find which No.7 shade will suit you best from 80 foundations available in 7 different  formats – Stay perfect, Restore & Renew, Beautifully Matte, Instant Radiance and Essentially Natural.

Do you use No.7, what’s your fave foundation by them?