Woman’s World Show 2013 – Free Tickets





Just thought some of you may be interested in going to the Woman’s World Show, I’ve been before and it’s a great girls day out.

You can get free tickets for the show here  :))

It starts tomorrow and runs until Sunday.
woman world show dublin info and free tickets


Let me know if you go and what you thought?

Yaz x

Irish Beauty Show 2013 – My Buys

Irish Beauty Show 2013! – My Buys

The Irish Beauty Show is held every year in the RDS Dublin and boy do I  love this show so much!! It’s  every beauty lovers dream place to shop ;) Lots of great brands and businesses and of corse discounts/bargains and pampering  to be had too! I also love finding new brands to try out at this show too.
I met some other lovely Irish beauty bloggers there too, Karen & Joanne from LovelyGirlieBits, Sue from CherrySueDointheDo & Nina from NinasBeautyBargains. So it was nice to have a catch up with them over a coffee.

Well I just wanted to show you what I bought and I’ll be doing reviews on them all which I’m looking forward to over the next few weeks :D

Irish Beauty Show 2013 Bargains & Buys
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Beauty Tip-Cotton Pad dispenser

OK hands up if you didn’t know this either?! Did everyone know this was the was your meant to take out cotton pads? I used to just take them out from the top where the draw string was. It was only when I was sitting down taking nail polish off that I seen the dotted lines to cut the pack at the bottom that it then clicked with me haha, and then I hung it up by the string……..and TA-DA you have your own cotton pad dispenser!! Very handy instead of struggling to get just one out of the pack and then they all come out!

cotton pad dispenser beauty tip
 I’m so amazed by this……easily amused me! lol! ;)


Glass Makeup Brush Holder

Quick post to show you my new make up brush holder
I had no where to store my brushes so I got a plain glass jar from Ikea (I also seen some really pretty ones in TkMaxx yesterday) and some sand so I could easily store and find my make-up brushes as I’ve lost a few with them rolling under the bed!!

make up brush holder done up crafty

It looked quite plain so in it went to my craft room for a quick jazzing up and it came out like this :) This would be a great gift for a make up loving friend,  budget friendly, quick to do and looks pretty on your dresser :)

Tell me/show me your make up brush storage?

Inglot Blogger Event-Blanchardstown

Went to my 1st blogger event last week thanks to Inglot, was great to meet other beauty bloggers and see their gorgeous new products out for Christmas :)

Inglot Blanchardstown

We also got a goody bag! Love everything I got and I bought S-Bond for my nails coz they are constantly peeling even though they are strong and grow really fast, I think it’s a ll the changing nappies and bottle washing lol! Been using it a week now and they are peeling less hallelujah! Forgot to get myself a Freedom System Palette, its great coz you can pick such a huge range of eyeshadows and have them in a number of slot e/g 2,3,5 or 10 and can get the square or round slots.

Inglot Goodies

They have a new Rainbow Shadow Collection,part of the new Christmas range (see image above) they have 3 different shades of colour in each little square, fab idea and they are very cheap too, I think only about €5?!  They blend really nice and great pigment in them too.

The gold nail polish is WOW! I love it, even after one coat it’s so….well….gold!! :) Sorry no picture on, but my cuticles are in bits!! :o

Have any of you tried Inglot before?