My Mothers Day Gift from L’Occitane En Provence, Lavender Set

Sorry I know I’m very very late posting this. Mothers day was ages ago here in Ireland but it’s coming up in America so I thought better late than never ;)

L'Occitane En Provence lavender gift set

I got this gorgeous L’Occitane En Provence Lavender Collection gift set for Mothers Day from the kids!

I just had to blog about it because the packaging is so pretty and I was new to their products… far I’m really loving them. A bit pricey for me but they are on my radar next time I’m looking for a pretty gift for someone or want to treat myself ;)

L'Occitane lavender gift set

The lavender in all the products is really fragrant too and the hand cream smell lingers for ages afterwards! I can’t even pick a fave out of the set, just trust me they are all beautiful products if you ever want to treat yourself or a friend. And I’m still thinking of what to use the pretty box for… most likely though!

Yaz x

World Meningitis Day 2013: Keep Watching Ireland

I didn’t know until I heard from a friend in Irish Parenting Blogs Group on Facebook that there was a world meningitis day, 2013 will be it’s 5th year running.

what-is- meningitis

To be honest I didn’t think Meningitis was still a big thing/risk because we have vaccines. Well I was very wrong so I’m writing this post we can all learn more about this disease.

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Dealz Easter Haul and Crafting – D.I.Y Bonnet

So as a Dealz Ambassador the Easter challenge was to get some stuff for some Easter crafting & fun.  I got lots for just €30, 2 baskets for the kids on Easter morning and some mini eggs for a little egg hunt :) I also got a cute girls Bonnet and some decorations. Take a look

Dealz Easter Crafts Haul
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Boys H&M Haul & how you can get a €5 off voucher and 20% off your next purchase!

I went shopping to buy little man some clothes in my favourite kids shop H&M. The quality of their stuff is great much better than Pennys and their prices are the same as them too pretty much!!

I got all this…..

H&M boys fashion haul summer '13
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Salcura Dermaspray Intensive for eczema – Review

As some of you may know my daughter (6) suffers from eczema, it tends to flare up really bad more so in the cold winter months., mainly on her arms, and sometimes a bit on her forehead and mouth area.

Over winter just gone, she got a bad dose of it after it had been gone for a few moths. It was so red on her arms and started getting blood spots too from her scratching :(

I’ve tried everything in the past like silcocks base, E45 etc but nothing really worked and she would complain that the creams would sting her and she didn’t like the sticky/oily  film the would leave on her skin 

Salcura spray review

I got a sample pack to try you can get one here you just have to pay £2 for the postage. A big bottle is €18.95

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Garnier Hand Cream for mama’s dry hands

I go through so many hand creams, like all mothers know your hands get so dry from washing bottles, cleaning and detergents all drying out your hands, nails and cuticles!! So I have loads of hand creams lying around. I recently lost my jar of hand cream from the handmade soap companynever mind I found it in the car lol! Anyway I went to Boots and saw this new Garnier Intensive 7 days one reduced to just €3 something  ;)

Garnier Intensive 7 day hand cream

Garnier Intensive 7 day hand cream

So this is my new favourite, it’s really rich and thick. I hate ones that are watery, they do nothing! This one is very moisturising and absorbs quickly too.  It’s not sticky either which is another dislike of mine with any sort of cream. It contains L-Bifidus*, an anti-evaporating hydraing ingredient and Mango Oil to intensely nourish and soften hands. This smells so lovely too. It’s only after looking on their site that I realise they do other creams in this range, one for normal skin and very dry skin. I got the dry skin one, but I’m gonna pick up the very dry one next time!

Dry hands and cuticles

My poor dry hands and cuticles……a work in progress!

This is my 1st time trying a Garnier hand cream and I’m impressed. Tell me, have you tried this before or what’s your all time best hand moisturizer?

Glitter Mama x

My new Cath Kidstson Diary

So I was looking EVERYWHERE for a diary with a month to month view. Most diaries are week-to-week view but I was delighted when I finally found this gorgeous Cath Kidston Diary. Preeeetty!

cath kidston diary 2013

See isn’t it brilliant, yeh you prob all think I’m crazy now, getting excited over a diary lol , but I love to feel all organised and I find it easier to remember when I see and write things down haha! I think it’s so handy to see your whole month planned out on two open pages :)

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Stocking Fillers for kids from Irish businesses

Well as you know by now I love to buy Irish and support big and small Irish businesses. I was looking for some unusual stocking fillers for the kids and I found these 2 small Irish businesses. Their service was brilliant, so quick with exceptional quality and prices.

Crayon Roll and purses from Ashgate Crafts

Crayon Roll and purses from Ashgate Crafts

The crayon roll is a lovely stocking filler for kids who love colouring, also very handy for long car drives. Brilliant value for only €3.50 I think!! Rachel from Ashgate Crafts based in Arklow, Co.Wicklow also makes babies bandana bibs and booties, baby changing mats and bags and make up bags, best part is you choose what material/pattern you want from a huge selection!

Bandana Bib, Kids Bag, Baby CHanging Bag, Make up Bag from Ashgate Crafts

Bandana Bib, Kids Bag, Baby Changing Bag, Make-up Bag all from Ashgate Crafts

You can find all Ashgate Crafts details and more lovely items on her Facebook Page or Etsy Shop

Next I bought personalised Chocolate bars from Marias Little Wrappers because what child doesn’t love waking up to chocolate in their Christmas Stocking rather than an Orange like me and my friend were only laughing about the other day haha! ;)

Personalised Chocolate Bars-Maria's Little Wrappers

Personalised Chocolate Bars-Maria’s Little Wrappers

These are so cute and I can’t wait to give them to the kids and as little presents to people. Maria also does wrappers for all occasions and has recently added tins with personalised wrappers which can then be filled with goodies

Self seal tins from marias Little Wrappers

Personalised Self seal tins – Maria’s Little Wrappers

You can see more  personalised goodies from Maria’s Website or Facebook page. Unfortunately Maria is not taking any more orders for Christmas but will still take orders which will be processed the 7th Jan 2012!

Have you bought any nice stocking fillers from any Irish businesses this year? Let me know in the comments?! :)

Glitter Mama x

The gorgeous new Lottie Doll

The gorgeous Lottie Doll by Arklu wanted a doll that was realistic to young girls instead of the normal big boobed, long legs, teeny waist Barbie type doll making girls and Mommies, yes me haha, compare themselves to a bloody doll and they’ve done a great job making this a reality in my opinion.

I think these dolls give a much better perception for impressionable little girls, they take everything in after all, and the more I hear about girls wanting to look like Barbie when they are older the more it scares me. So it’s a very nice and welcome change  to see a brand that makes normal proportioned child like dolls, making girls feel they are perfect the way they are :)

Lottie doll

Snow Queen Lottie Doll packaging

Lottie Doll

My daughter loves her new doll, she said she’s really ”cute”  It’s also that little bit smaller than a Barbie which is nice.

Lottie is supposed to be a 9-year-old girl by the way and likes to play dress up and play outdoors :)

Here are some of the other cute Lottie Dolls


Autumn Leaves Lottie, Pony Flag Race Lottie, Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie

You can see the full range of Lottie Dolls and accessories here. Also on their website they have loads of fun stuff for kids colouring pages etc and competitions. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter also. Lottie Dolls are available here in Ireland from Smyths for €19.99

What do you guys think? Has your little girl got one? I think I’ll be buying these instead of Barbie’s from now on they really are adorable.

Glitter Mama x

Rant and Poll on Child Benefit Cut

It’s being said by The Sun newspaper that Yes, Child Benefit will be cut by €10 for the 1st two children. Meaning a family with 2 kids will be down €20 a month. It may be nothing to some but that’s €20 off the gas bill, money for the coal to keep the house warm, money for a pack of nappies and baby formula. All these things add up when you have one child or more.Add on top of that school books, raffle tickets outings etc etc

I think it’s so unfair when they said just last month in the children’s referendum that they have the children’s best interest in mind and children should have a voice. What about the children who will be saying ”mammy I’m cold” well sorry kid but we have to make more cutbacks so no more heating on, half an hour a day max from now on!! Or sorry you can’t have more chicken, this will have to do for tomorrows dinner too.
Are these children’s voices going to be heard…no the government wont listen. Hey once their kids have food and warmth and money to bring them to the cinema every week sure it’s all grand!

I think the child benefit should be means tested, and I don’t mean taking it from parents who are both working but still struggling (childcare cost a bomb!!) I mean the likes of say Bono or Micheal O’Leary just for they really NEED it? Will they struggle to pay the rent and gas bill without it…no I don’t think so.

And for people saying well don’t have children if you can’t afford them. Nobody knew how badly our government would handle this recession and bail banks out with our money. Nobody knew they would lose their jobs or not be able to get dole if they were once self-employed but the business failed.

Rant over….let me know your thoughts in the comments please

Gift Ideas from Irish Businesses

I love to buy Irish and support Irish businesses, it’s all we can do in this economy, help each other out! :) So here is part one, please take a look and consider them when you are buying for any occasion, help support your country

Tiny Treasures

A new little Irish business based in Leitrim. They make beautiful handmade keepsakes all of which can be personalised.
My fave has to be the frames where you can choose your own design and colour combos (even glitter!!) and she can even add photos for you.
Like Tiny Treasure on Facebook or follow on Twitter to see more of Gaynor’s lovely creations.

Funky Goddess

You may have seen Samantha with her brilliant idea on Dragons Den. Launched in October 2011 Funky Goddess has gone from strength to strength. The name represents a strong and powerful woman, I love that! They make gift boxes their main one being ”The Welcome to Womanhood gift box” It’s a lovely way to prepare your daughter/niece etc for that big milestone and give her a gift and make her feel special.

The box comes with:

Teen Pads
Pretty journal
Eye mask
Bubble Bath
Discreet case
Information Booklet
Hot Water Bottle
Lip balm

Funky Goddess also do other lovely gift boxes as you can see in the picture below. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter also                                                              

Jessie’s Headbands

For anyone with a little girl or even big girl, you’ll love Jessie’s headbands based in Wexford. I’ve bought some for my daughter and they are great quality and so adorable. Jessie’s is very creative and can make anything you want for any occasion. She also makes clips, alicebands and hats. From shabby chic to cartoon characters, glitter and bows, Jessie’s has a wide range of hair accessories. Gift boxes are available too. Follow Jessie’s headbands on Facebook for special offers she does from time to time

Curragh Cuties

Known for their quirky little salt dough sheep (I have a little piggy of theirs in my Kitchen hehe) Curragh Cuties are based in Kildare and as they say they are the epitome of handmade and unique gifts, founded in 2011 by two lovely women Lynda and Celine I can vouch for them personally that they are both very crafty women ;) Again I love that they will personalise your gift making them a great present for a new baby or house-warming gift. I think their gift baskets are great value too, they each come with something handmade and a few other goodies (see below). You can see more of their work and products on their website or you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Wooden Gifts Ireland

Located in Westmeath, Wooden Ireland Gifts are all for supporting local, local jobs and nothing is imported from abroad! Great pieces of work as you can see that can all be customised and personalised. These guys could make you anything you want out of wood, just ask!
My fave is the little coat stands, they do them for creches etc, but I think they would be very cute in a little boy or girls bedroom. I know my little girl have more coats and cardigans than the queen at this stage haha! Check out Wooden Gifts Ireland on Facebook

Ruth’s Nappy Cakes

Based in Limerick, Ruth makes such cute nappy cakes suitable for any budget. She can make one for any occasion with almost anything you want in it, from teddy’s and cutlery to scrapbooks and picture frames with of course the all important nappies :) Check out her Facebook page where you’ll see 100’s of different nappy cakes!!

I really hope you all go and check out these great Irish businesses and keep them in mind when you have gift to buy. There are some little gems out there and I’ve discovered we are a very crafty country ;) Tell them i sent you if you decide to visit them :)

I will be doing more posts on Irish Businesses, my next one will have more on beauty and skincare stuff :)) So if you know or are an Irish business that would like to be considered drop me an email at with some details of the business and products.

Thanks for reading, Glitter Mama x

Children’s Letter from Santa and Reindeer Food

I remember getting a letter from Santa all the way from the North Pole as a kid and I was soooo amazed like WOW Mam and Dad weren’t lying, Santa DOES know everything” 

So now that my little girl is 5 I decided to get one, despite her fear of Santa!? Don’t ask!

Well her little face when she got her letter from Santa and Magic Reindeer food, she was amazed, excited and thrilled that Santa wrote to her and knew everything what she wanted, where she lived and how well she was doing in school etc!  Got me so excited for Christmas too just seeing her excitement!

Santa Letter and Magic Reindeer Food (Click to see bigger)
€3.50 incl p&p  (Pic from Byrne-ing Inspiration)

Isn’t it fab and all for only €3.50 that’s including P&P I think that’s fantastic value to see that excitement on kids faces :)) And look at the Santa stamp!!!  This is from the lovely Lisa at Byrne-ing Inspiration click HERE for the Facebook page too. You can contact her through Facebook or her website and she will tell you the details that she needs.

She also has beautiful cards and candles etc for all occasions, well worth a  look. Tell her I sent you too if you pop by and let me know if you get your child one of these letters, I’m telling you for €3.50 it’s so worth it ad you’ll be supporting an Irish business :) Can’t wait to sprinkle the magic reindeer food on the lawn either…….. it’s glittery haha!

Glitter Mama x

Why I’ll be voting NO in the Irish Children’s referendum

The reason I’ll be voting no is because of my own experience of being in a state ”care”, I’m all for children’s rights and their voice being heard, it is a must but they need to change the inside of the system 1st!
I now suffer from depression because of the severe mental and physical abuse I suffered from while in state care from care workers and social care workers. I put myself in care voluntary thinking I would be better protected. I f I wasn’t so mature and savvy for my age I’m sure I would also have been sexually abused by one male care worker who over stepped the line on a few occasions (I hear he’s now gone…. )
It seemed to me they were on a power buzz and loved to have total control over me, they would constantly run me down and would say nasty vicious lies about me, to me they were children possibly adults of bullying and took it out on me to make them feel big. Bear in mind this is not too long ago that I was in care! I was left without a social worker for 6 months I can only imagine how bad it is now!.

I got out of care before the age of 18 for the simple fact I blackmailed them! I recorded one of their ‘staff meeting’ in which they called me names and other horrific things were said that I still can’t wrap my head around. I told them unless they let me go I will give this recording to all the newspapers in Ireland. Only a week before this they said I wasn’t capable of living by myself (again more lies to upset me,hard to believe I know) after that their attitude completely  changed and I was let go, best day of my life!!! Got myself an apartment and never heard from them again! It’s taken me years to let go of the hurt and anger because of them! I still cry over how people who were supposed to ”care” for me did nothing but physically and mentally abuse me, it worries me that other children/teenagers are going through this. Another girl I was in care with had severe mental problems and was let out until 11pm in one of the roughest parts of Dublin I told them that was wrong but they didn’t listen, they didn’t care…..

They were nothing but bullies who all had each others back and all trying to climb up the ladder. I could go on and on and give you so many more examples. My main point is We need to vote NO and force them to change the inside of the system 1st before anything else is done! We are putting children from one bad situation to possibly worse. Please please share this, I don’t want any child to go through what I went through, I still have long-term effects from it. If you’re not sure Vote NO! Read the following facts if you’re still thinking Yes

  • A child in Irish State “Care” is 6 times more likely to die than children in the General Population.
  • Ireland took 2.3 times more children into “care” , per capita than the UK in 2011, the number of criminal convictions for child abuse or neglect have not increased in the last decade.
  • A child in Irish State “Care” is 3 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than children in the general population and also 5 times more likely to suffer from mental illness (says Fiona McNicholas, professor of child psychiatry at University College Dublin
  • 43% of the Irish Prison Population have been in State “Care”.
  • A child in State “Care” is 3 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than children in the general population.
  • Less than 6% of “Care” alumni will go on to higher education, far lower than children in the poorest neighborhoods in Ireland.
  • Children placed in “Care” are twice as likely to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder than Troops returning from Afghanistan and suffer 4 times more severly.
  • During a time of “shortage of social workers” from 2004 to 2007, the number of children removed tripled.
  • In the Roscommon House of Horrors, the children saved themselves despite social workers being involved with the family for 11 years. Nobody was fired
  • In the Baby Ann case, the mother changed her mind about putting the baby up for adoption but the social worker delayed the process for over a year. Baby Ann had to remain in care of the prospective parents until the parents got married and the case got to the Supreme Court. The baby could have been returned far sooner but the case was delayed by the State.
  • In 260 deaths in “Care” and 500 missing children in a decade, no social work or their manager has ever been fired. In the Baby P Case, a Paediatrician, a GP, 3 Social Workers and their manager were fired over the death of 1 baby.
  • The HSE had 541 “Confirmed” cases of sexual assault on children, the DPP only had 20 Prosecutions. The HSE have been having a “Turf War” with the HSE who wont report sexual assaults to Gardai.
  • For every 184 cases where the HSE have a “Care” Order, only 1 person will be charged with a crime of child abuse or neglect.
  • Irish Social Workers have taken an unknown number of girls to the UK for abortions, in 1 documented case, againt the will of the child who was told she was going for a checkup.
  • In Irish Family Courts, the HSE use Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy to prosecute parents who take their child to doctors too many times. This “disorder” is not listed in the American Psychological Association Manual of Mental Disorders. It is not legally allowed to be used in courts by Case Law after the Roy Meadows/David Southall fiasco where over 5,000 innocent parents were convicted and cant be used in UK courts. It is on the HSE website.
  • In Ireland in a decade, there were 21 cases of “Shaken Baby Syndrome” prosecuted by the HSE, there was only one person convicted in a criminal court and he pleaded guilty. This is another fictitious syndrome which is no longer used in the UK according to the Crown Prosecution Service but is still used in Ireland. Many children are in “Care” on that basis.
  • Irish Social Workers typically send parents to several Psychologists until ONE can find something mentally wrong. The negative diagnosis is then used in court and the others ignored.
  • Irish Social Workers have used “Hired Gun” “Experts”, many from the UK, who have perjured themselves but none have been prosecuted. There is a case before the Supreme Court asking for the In-Camera Rule to be lifted so that Gardai can investigate perjury.
  • Any crime committed against a child in “Care” can not be reported by the parents to the Gardai due to the In-Camera Rule. A parent can be jailed in secret in Ireland for violating this rule. Only the HSE can investigate the HSE. This allows perjury to be used on a daily basis in Family Court with no consequences.
  • Minister Fitzgerald announced that she would remove the HSE from the role of Child Protection and establish a “New” Agency. She intends using the same 3,260 staff, the same managers and the same system. The only thing that will have changed is the name on the pay slips. The 3,260 staff will also get a bonus in the form of a Redundacy Payment.
  • The HSE Budget for legal went over-budget by €8 million last year. €18 million versus a budget of €10 million. This money was paid to private law firms to prosecute families on their behalf.
  • Barnardos Children’s Charity wer paid €15,000,000 from the Child Protection budget in 2010. Barnardos provide services such as Guardian at Litem, Counselling and other related services.
  • Over 80% of the €580 million Child Protection budget is paid to private companies and individuals.
  • The actual cost of child protection is over €1 billion a year when you factor in legal aid, court service, medical cards and other expenses.
  • Former Supreme Court Justice Hugh O’Flaherty doesn’t believe that a referendum on children’s rights is necessary.
  • Retired judge Michael Patwell said that, while he had previously believed there was a need for the Constitutional amendment, he had changed his mind.
  • High Court judge Gerard Hogan said that the phrase, “best interests of the child,” could be ambiguous.I got these staticts and facts from

Top 6 Value for Money Toys and a Smyths Money Off Voucher

Thought I’d share with you my kids most loved and played with toys over the years. I love getting value for money and these certainly have done just that. So if your stuck for ideas for some Christmas presents, have a look. My kids are 5 and 1 and a half by the way :)

1. Leapfrog My Pal Scout/Violet These are under €25 (on special now for €17.99) and just so so cute, you can plug it into your computer and customize the name of your child, their favourite colour, food and animal. There are lots of songs to choose from, they even have christmas ones and the dog sings your child’s name and all hehe!! My little fella loves this and it saved me having to buy him a lullaby player as it does this too, it plays 2, 5 or 10 minutes of bedtime music and says goodnight to your child, again you can change these songs too. My 5 year old wants one too lol!

2. Wooden Pull Along Blocks –  Kids love any blocks, my to love stacking them up and knocking them down. Such a classic and cheap too, these ones come with a little pull along to put all their block in and is only €12.99 and part of the 2 for €20 (click for all the toys in that range) at Smyths Toys.

3. My Happy Family Doll House –  We’ve had this years and it’s been thrown and flung around the place so it’s incredible sturdy! Doorbell still works and all. The little guy now loves playing with it lol, he sits there for ages putting his toy cars through the windows and door! This year for her Christmas we got the 5 year old the Amelia Doll House, again I’d say they will both love it, great for imaginative play!

4. Rollmatz Play Mat – Great for boys and girls to have pretend little roads for their cars, at only €11.99 too you can’t go wrong :)

5. Groovy Stars Keyboard –  Very sturdy piano for kids, my 5 year old loves to make up songs with this and do performances, always out when her friends are around. Lil fella also has fun making not very tuneful tunes haha!

6. Ride ons –Disney  Princess/Jake and the Neverland Pirates – A ride on is definitely on the MUST HAVE list for toddlers. My god they love these! We bought a princess one for my daughter when she was about 1 and she still played with it up till last year (she’s all into the flickers and bikes now) She loved going on this in the house as well as outside and the seats lift up so she put some toys and stuff in there. So we got the lil guy the Jake & the Neverland Pirates ride on for Christmas, I hope he loves it as much as the 1st loved hers.

Well there you have it, my top 6 get-your-moneys-worth toys haha!  Would love to know what you guys think? Any of these you kids favourites? Or what else would you recommend? Comment below.

Oh and click here for the Smyths Money Off Voucher valid till 31st October

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Growing up in Ireland

Seen this going around facebook, it brought back so many memories, oh to be a kid again ♥

I’m talking about Hide and Seek in the park, The shop down the road,
Hopscotch, Donkey, skipping, handstands, stuck in the mud, football with
an old can, Dandy, Beano, Twinkle and Roly Poly, Hula Hoops, Jumping the
stream, building a swing from a tyre and a piece of rope tied to a tree,
(If you live in Dublin the lampost), building tree-houses, climbing up
onto roofs. Tennis on the street, the smell of the sun and fresh cut

Hubba Bubba bubble gum and 2p Flogs, macaroon bars and woppas, 3p
Refreshers and wham bars, superhero chewing gum, golf ball chewing gums
and liquorice whips, desperate dan and roy of the rovers, sherbit dips
and Mr.
freezes, marathon bars and everlasting gobstoppers. An ice cream cone on
a warm summer night from the van that plays a tune chocolate or vanilla
or strawberry or maybe neopolitan

Wait … Watching Saturday Morning cartoons … short commercials,
Battle of the Planets, Road Runner, He-Man, Swapshop, and Why Don’t
You?, Transformers, How do you do?, Bosco, Forty-coats, the
Littlest Hobo and Lassie, Chucklevision, The Muppet Show, MacGyver,
Scarecrow and Mrs King, Little House on the Prairie and Highway to
Heaven, or staying up for Knight Rider and Magnum PI.

When around the corner seemed far away and going into town seemed like
going somewhere.

A million midget bites, sticky fingers and mud all over you, knee-pads
on your jeans, Cops and Robbers, Rounders, tip the Can, Queenie-I-O,
climbing trees, spin the bottle, building igloos out of snow banks,
walking to school, no matter what the weather, running till you were out
of breath.
Laughing so hard that your stomach hurt, Jumping on the bed.
Pillow fights,
Spinning around, getting dizzy and falling down was cause for giggles,
Being tired from playing… Remember that?

The worst embarrassment was being picked last for a team.

Water balloons were the ultimate weapon

Football cards in the spokes transformed any bike into a motorcycle.

And don’t forget the Marietta sandwiches we’d make by buttering a cupla
Marietta biscuits and stickin’ them together. And that quare oul mixture
made in a tall glass with HB ice cream and Taylor Keith (TK) Red Lemonade.

I’m not finished just yet…

Eating raw jelly, orange squash ice pops

Remember when … There were two types of sneakers – girls and boys and
Dunlop Green Flash and the only time you wore them at school, was for ‘
P.E.’, Gola football boots.

It wasn’t odd to have two or three ‘best’ friends, when nobody owned a
pure bred dog, when 25p was decent pocket money, when you’d reach i nto
a muddy gutter for a penny, when nearly everyone’s mum was at home when
the kids got there, when it was considered a great privilege to be taken
out to dinner at a real restaurant with your parents

When any parent could discipline any kid or use him to carry groceries
and nobody, not even the kid, thought a thing of it.

When being sent to the head’s office was nothing compared to the fate
that awaited a misbehaving student at home. Basically, we were in fear
for our lives but it wasn’t because of muggings, drugs, gangs, etc. Our
parents and grandparents were a much bigger threat! and some of us are
still afraid of them!!!

Remember when….

Decisions were made by going ‘eeny-meeny-miney-mo.’ Mistakes were
corrected by simply exclaiming, ‘do over!’

‘Race issue’ meant arguing about who ran the fastest. Money issues were
handled by whoever was the banker in ‘Monopoly’, the game of life and
connect four, atari 2600’s and commadore 64’s. The worst thing you could
catch from the opposite sex was germs. It was unbelievable that Red
rover wasn’t an Olympic event…

Having a weapon in school, meant being caught with a biro barrel pea
shooter or an elastic band. Scrapes and bruises were kissed and made
better, Taking drugs meant orange-flavoured chewable vitamins, Ice cream
was considered a basic food group.

Getting a foot of snow was a dream come true.. Abilities were discovered
because of a ‘double dare’ Older siblings were the worst tormentors, but
also the fiercest protectors

If you can remember most or all of these, then you have LIVED!!!! Pass
this on to anyone who may need a break from their ‘grown up’ life…

I DOUBLE DARE YA!!! Bagsy it, no returns

My 8 Pregnancy Tips

This is a bog post I wrote on an old blog of mine so I said I’d put it on here :) These are some tips I wish I’d known when I was pregnant..

1. DON’T eat for two
Really, there is no need….I did this on my second pregnancy and gained way too much weigh, so much so that I was majorly uncomfortable and didn’t enjoy the end of my pregnancy. You only need approx 200 extra calories a day so really that’s only 2 slices of toast with low-fat cheese.

2. DO take lots of pictures of your bump
Trust me… soon as your bump is gone its hard to remember what it was like having such a big belly with your precious baby inside kicking you. You’ll actually start to miss it and imagine little kicks……..OK maybe that’s just me, lol!

3. DON’T try to induce labour yourself!
Yep I tried this myself, brought DD to school 9am, walked an hour, got a fresh pineapple and pineapple juice (yep there is something in pineapple that induces labour), uncomfortable nookie (the doc recommended it haha), washed the car and BAM by 2 o’clock I’m in labour!
The whole labour went way too quick then and couldn’t get an epidural like on my first! Which brings me to my next point

4. DO get the pain relief if possible!
I think there is some pressure out there for woman to go through labour ‘drug-free’
Great if you do/can, but it makes no difference to you as a mother, it doesn’t make you a better or worse mother whatever you choose. Once baby gets out stress free and you’re stress free that’s all that matters :)
I’ve done both, one with the pain relief and one without.
I was much more relaxed, happy and stress free with my first when I got the epidural. Second one as I say there was not enough time and (I’m sorry if this scares anyone) I cried for that epidural………even after the birth I still wanted it haha!
Now maybe I just don’t cope well with pain but I was in bits with the pain, I couldn’t hold my baby after the birth for a few minutes because I was shaking so bad with the pain and shock of what my body went through. I almost don’t want to remember my second birth as it was not enjoyable :( So please enjoy your birth, relax and get some sort of pain relief lol!

5. DON’T laminate your scan picture haha!
It ruins the picture!!! :( makes the ink in it really dark so you can’t see your little beans picture too great :( Instead get a keep sake box so you can keep all your pregnancy and baby memories safe in one place.

6. Drink lots of  WATER
Drink it throughout your pregnancy to try keep fluid retention and swelling to a minimum and after pregnancy to flush out all the excess pregnancy fluids

7. DONT buy a ton of baby clothes
Chances are you are going to be too tired when you have you newborn to keep putting a new outfit on everyday. And for the first 6 months of their life they grow SO quick that newborn clothes wont last them long and you’ll be skipping up in sizes every 2 months.

With my 1st I had dozens of unworn outfits from Next no less (yeah pre recession lol) that she never got a chance to wear simply because there were too many to get through. Now (recessionary times) 2 packs of baby grows that come in 3 from Dunnes or penny and a pack of vests does my little man. I will get him an outfit if there is a sale on, he’s a big boy and growing rapidly so he hasn’t gotten much wear out of anything I’ve bought him so far. When he’s about a year and not growing so quick then I can buy him outfits that will last longer than 2 months hopefully ;)

8. DO keep exercising
Trust me you’ll benefit from just walking 30 mins a day. I didn’t do much on my second (though I did have SPD) and I felt very unfit during labour and post pregnancy. 8 months later and I’m still trying to get fit. So do a bit of exercise to keep your muscles strong! Oh and do your pelvic floor exercises….they really do work ;)

Hope you enjoyed my few tips that I wish I’d known when pregnant. If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer here or anonymously :) Or if you have any tips write them below………….. ;)