Woman’s World Show 2013 – Free Tickets





Just thought some of you may be interested in going to the Woman’s World Show, I’ve been before and it’s a great girls day out.

You can get free tickets for the show here  :))

It starts tomorrow and runs until Sunday.
woman world show dublin info and free tickets


Let me know if you go and what you thought?

Yaz x

Irish Beauty Show 2013 – My Buys

Bia Beauty Orange & Grapefruit Exfoliant & Cleanser

Yet another Irish skin care brand, Bia Beauty. I’m telling ye I can’t keep up with all these great Irish businesses popping up :) It’s great!!

A little about Bia Beauty: Founded by Herbal Scientist Tracey Ryan in Cork all Bia Beauty products are 100% natural and any emulsifiers and preservatives used are plant-based. Tracey does not test anything on animals either.
The tagline for Bia Beauty is ”Feed your skin” isn’t that beautiful? Your skin absorbs a whopping 60% of what you put on your skin so it really is best that the ingredients are natural!

I was lucky enough to get to try out her Orange & Grapefruit Cleanser & Exfoliator.
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Neal’s Yard Remedies come to Ireland & some product reviews

I’m going to tell you about Neal’s Yard Remedies today as they have only launched last month here in Ireland and I was very new to them.
Neal's Yard remedies log

Neal’s Yard Remedies have been around for a little over 30 years and choose to support sustainable, organic harvesting and FairTrade programmes. They are very eco-friendly in everything they do. From how they grow their ingredients to how the bottle/jar them. Continue reading

Human + Kind All in one Body Oil

Another Irish brand for ye today,  Human + Kind.  I have to say the Irish skin care industry are coming out with some amazing brands/products these days!

Anyway I love body oils, I find them more moisturizing for my skin as they absorb really easily into the skin.

Human + Kind’s Body oil is an all in one meaning it’s a multitasker you can use it everywhere even for your hair to keep  the ends healthy and conditioned.

Human+Kind Body Oil €14.95 75ml Continue reading

World Meningitis Day 2013: Keep Watching Ireland

I didn’t know until I heard from a friend in Irish Parenting Blogs Group on Facebook that there was a world meningitis day, 2013 will be it’s 5th year running.

what-is- meningitis

To be honest I didn’t think Meningitis was still a big thing/risk because we have vaccines. Well I was very wrong so I’m writing this post we can all learn more about this disease.

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Low Low Event – helping women feel good about food again!

Last week I was invited along to a LowLow event along with some other bloggers. We weren’t really sure what to expect. When we got there, there was lots of yummy food made by Tara Quirke

lowlow tara quirke nibbles

Then when we were all sitting down with some wine and  Sile Seoige and Lucy Kennedy came over to chat. They were so lovely! They told us they would love us to join in the conversation when it started.
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Salcura Dermaspray Intensive for eczema – Review

As some of you may know my daughter (6) suffers from eczema, it tends to flare up really bad more so in the cold winter months., mainly on her arms, and sometimes a bit on her forehead and mouth area.

Over winter just gone, she got a bad dose of it after it had been gone for a few moths. It was so red on her arms and started getting blood spots too from her scratching :(

I’ve tried everything in the past like silcocks base, E45 etc but nothing really worked and she would complain that the creams would sting her and she didn’t like the sticky/oily  film the would leave on her skin 

Salcura spray review

I got a sample pack to try you can get one here you just have to pay £2 for the postage. A big bottle is €18.95

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Master Cleanse-Not for me

Nope I couldn’t hack the hunger!! Friday was probably a really bad day to start it too :( Also the cayenne pepper and lemon felt like it was burning my stomach, few more glasses and I’d have been in bits!! So the master cleanse is no more! Sorry but I don’t get any pleasure from feeling hungry!

So just though I’d let you know how I got on…….or didn’t lol!

I’m just gonna have to do a complete lifestlyle change, no more junk food, greasy food, processed crap and eat more fruit and veg!.Only way to feel better really And I need to start walking/jogging again. I really have no excuse considering there is a treadmill a metre away from me as I type this :o Well at least I’ve learned my lesson (I do try these crazy things all the time, will I ever learn lol) and you know what to expect if you try this cleanse!

lifestyle change no more diets

Master Cleanse, Day 1-not going well!

Yep, I’m starting to think I was mad thinking of trying this! I want to do it for the detoxing benefits as lately I’m feeling constantly tired, crappy, bloated and my hormones are a mess! All part of IBS  and depression I suppose.

Ok I had all this written out yesterday but I had a pretty rough day yesterday so I ended up scraping the diet till today.

master cleanse ingredients

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My Easy Detox/Diet

Who feels like crap now after all the food, chocolate, crisps and booze!! Meeeee! I have IBS too so I’m really paying! I feel bloated fat and full of toxins! So I’m going on my version of detox (prob till new years eve only haha) and then start it again. Now when I say detox I don’t mean one of them scary ones where your bloody starving…..no tried all that and you just get dizzy hungry and then binge! My version is prob sort of cheating but it’s easier and better than what most of us probably have been eating

I used to do all the diets etc, but over the years I’ve learned it’s really a lifestyle change or simply enjoying food in moderation and getting the balance right. Bread though is my biggest downfall, I bread with cheese, chocolate spread even shepherds pie would go on my bread haha, but I know I can’t esp with IBS it’s just soooo not good for me.

So after all the crap and letting go I’m going to do my version of a detox that helps me get back on track and helps me feel like I’m less ”toxinated” doubt that’s even a word haha but anyway here will be my plan for the next few days

Morning – Hot water and freshly squeezed Lemon (really great for getting the metabolism going and removing toxins)
If you can stomach eating in the morning (I usually can’t) scrambled/boiled egg with tomatoes, cucumber and 1 slice of whole grain toast or a rice cake is good, I’ll be avoiding the bread :(  but you don’t have to :)

Lemon and water detox

boiled egg on rice cake

Lunch – Some sort of low-fat yogurt or my fave The Danone Activia, they are yummy. And some fruit. OR a smoothie with lots of fresh fruit and low-fat yogurt OR homemade soup and again you can have 1 slice of whole grain bread with this or a small whole grain bread roll

activia fruit-strawberry yogurt detox

Dinner – Steamed/grilled chicken breast with either a fresh salad or lots of fresh veg preferably steamed OR Whole grain pasta (not too much) with steamed/grilled chicken, tinned chopped tomato for some sauce, and some veg

steamed chciken salad veg

Snacks – A small bit of dark chocolate, yogurt, fruit and nuts/seeds…… great list of good ones here


Extra advice : Obviously stay away from alcohol, tea and coffee. Green tea would be great to add through out the day instead while doing this and some light excercise like a half an hour walk or some yoga.

And don’t forget to drink LOTS of water!

You can switch the luch and dinner options to your own liking, basically once your eating things that are healthy and natural like not fried and not full of toxins like alcohol you should start to feel more energized and feeling less ”toxinated” :p

I hope this helps makes post-christmas dieting less stressfull/scary and if you have any other tips let me know in the comments

Glitter Mama x