Neal’s Yard Remedies come to Ireland & some product reviews

I’m going to tell you about Neal’s Yard Remedies today as they have only launched last month here in Ireland and I was very new to them.
Neal's Yard remedies log

Neal’s Yard Remedies have been around for a little over 30 years and choose to support sustainable, organic harvesting and FairTrade programmes. They are very eco-friendly in everything they do. From how they grow their ingredients to how the bottle/jar them.

They are certified by the Soil Association which means their products are independently certified organic with no harmful synthetic chemicals, which in turn means the ingredients will contain a higher level of natural antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Even their factory is eco-friendly!!! They collect rainwater for gardening and used water from manufacturing is in turn used to flush the toilets!  They also compost any waste to use for their soil. And their motto is ‘If in doubt leave it out”  And I doubt I even have to tell you but they are against animal cruelty and do not test anything on animals.

They also support a number of charities and organisations including Cancer Prevention & Education Society

So if you are very conscious of the earth and what you put in your body via your skin this brand is for you!

Here’s a few of their products I’ve tried and tested!

Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Neals Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm

One of their bestsellers, this balm is a  multi-use award-winning product.

It comes with an organic muslin cloth so it can be used as an exfoliator with this.
It can be used as a cleanser but you need to remove excess make-up first.
A nourishing balm for really dry and dehydrated patches anywhere on the body, I find it very good for elbows, knees and dry lips.
Use a thin layer to protect skin from wind burn during those cold months or you know when you have a cold this helps your nose getting sore from all that tissue!
It can also be used as a mask or even as an overnight treatment. To be honest though I haven’t tried this yet as I feel it would be too heavy for my already oily pores

Overall it’s a nice product and you only need such a small amount as it spreads well, I don’t think I’d get as much use as someone with very dry, dehydrated & sensitive skin. It would be perfect for them

Beauty Sleep Concentrate
neals yard remedies beauty sleep concentrate

This is my favourite of what I’ve tried. It contains narcissus tazetta bulb extract (type of daffodil bulb) this little beaut helps with your skins own natural regenerative cycle during sleep while reducing the appearance of wrinkles! Fancaaayy!

In clinical trials its been proven to increase moisture levels by up to 98% in just 12 hours!

MY skin feels really supple, soft and replenished after using this. I don’t always use it before bed, sometimes I use it during the day coz I just find the smell relaxing haha!

Beauty Sleep Body Butter
neals yard remedies beauty sleep body butter

This has a blend of essential oils to help the body and mind relax at night. A great moisturizer too as it contains my favourite Vitamin E and also Vitamin A. It’s also really thick, when it’s a thick and not a watery body butter you know it’s a luxurious good quality one!

To buy any of these products or to find your nearest NYR consultant (maybe even sign up as one) and see all their other products like makeup and hair products click HERE for the Irish site
Follow NYR on Twitter & Facebook for more updates

Would love to know what you think of this brand or have you tried any of their products yet?
Yaz x

4 thoughts on “Neal’s Yard Remedies come to Ireland & some product reviews

  1. I’ve used the handcream and bath oils over the years, they are gorgeous, quite easily available already in Ireland though in chemists and health food shops I’d have thought?

  2. I was sent their Mother and Baby gift set as part of the virtual baby shower blog march earlier in the year. The products were fantastic. Especially the bath oils. I found them so relaxing and they left my skin really soft.

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