Human + Kind All in one Body Oil

Another Irish brand for ye today,  Human + Kind.  I have to say the Irish skin care industry are coming out with some amazing brands/products these days!

Anyway I love body oils, I find them more moisturizing for my skin as they absorb really easily into the skin.

Human + Kind’s Body oil is an all in one meaning it’s a multitasker you can use it everywhere even for your hair to keep  the ends healthy and conditioned.

Human+Kind Body Oil €14.95 75ml

This oil is made from natural ingredients and free from parabens and chemicals like all of Human + Kinds products, their slogan is ”Skincare with a conscious” I love that!! It ‘s loaded loads of moisturizing, repairing and anti oxidant ingredients such as Vitamin E, Jojoba oil and Soya bean oil.

First Impressions: Lovely colourful packaging but upon opening I was pretty shocked at the size of the bottle compared to the packaging, seemed like a waste of packaging to me, they could prob scrap 1/3 of it and the bottle was so teeny to what I thought it would be for  €14.95.  I was thinking ”right I’ll be lucky if I get 3 full body applications out of this!”
size human & kind body oil

On use: The first thing I noticed when I put some on my hand after I got out of the shower was the smell, it smelled so nice, it’s hard to describe but it’s gorgeous, a very sweet floral scent. When I applied it onto my legs first I noticed at how lightweight it was, and I wasn’t left with that greasy sticky feeling. My skin felt really silky afterward, and I have fairly dry skin!
After applying it all over my body I was pretty shocked to see how little I actually used. I’ve used it 4 times all over my body now and it’s not even half gone yet I’m happy to say! Also my skin not only feels less dry but looks really healthy too :)

human & kind body oil

human + kind body oil on skin

Overall I’m really happy with this product and give it a big thumbs up, although the bottle looks small, a little really does go very far with this product (compared to say Bio-Oil and it’s less thick/oily than it too) and it’s done wonders for my skin….I will deffo be repurchasing :))

You can find Human + Kind products in most health shops and some pharmacies follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date

Yaz x

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