GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment – Review

Have you all  heard of GlamGlow yet? I have been hearing a lot of rave reviews about this face mask for months now. Believe it or not this mud mask was first used all over backstage Hollywood so actors they would be camera ready instantly! Then in 2011 it was available for retail. Fans of GlamGlow include Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and most recently even Michael Bublé loves this mask

Glam Glow Packaging

                            I love the packaging, it said I was looking sexy hehe!

GlamGlow Clearing Treatment is an all over mud mask or can be used as a spot treatment too.  It helps pores, problem skin, blemishes, black & whiteheads  pimples  ingrown hair, razor bumps, spots and breakouts

GlamGlow Mud size and colour

It’s packed with the finest ingredients and technology, my favourite being Pore-Matrix Activated -X Charcoal that attracts toxins and absorbs up to 500 times it volume! This also contains K-17 Clay which extracts and encapsulates all the toxins, sebum, bacteria and dirt! Lovely!!!

You’ll see below in the pictures the pockets on my face where the mask has done it’s work. These started forming after about 8 minutes.
Glamglow mud mask drawing out impuritiesThis may look gross to some people , but after being in the beauty industry and doing facials, the satisfaction of seeing dirt come out before your eyes never gets old haha!

Here's the mask after just being applied and again after 20 mins

                    Here’s the mask after being applied and again after 20 mins

The mask contains loads of other amazing ingredients, one being Acnecidic-6 4.4% which is the worlds first clearing treatment with 6 perfectly PH balanced AHA & BHA acids:
Glycolic – Improves skin texture
Salicylic – De-clogs and minimizes pores
Mandelic – Helps with fine lines, wrinkles and elasticity
Pyruvic – Reduces scars
Lactic – Helps with pigmentation, moisture & collegen
Azelaic – Fights follicle bacteria and breakouts


                 GlamGlow information leaflet

GlamGlow is also cruelty free and paraben free by the way ;)

Now what did I think I hear you ask? Did it work?

glamglow on faceYes!!! It did an amazing job. I  haven’t been looking after my skin great for the past 6 months due to stress and my skin has been breaking out and just generally looking and feeling rough.
After this mud mask I can honestly say my skin felt so smooth I could not stop feeling it haha! My pores looked cleared out and smaller too.My face looked and felt really refresed and clean.
I’ve used it twice so far and once on the other half, he was really impressed too. He even got told the next day that he looked really refreshed! I doubt he told his friends it was due to his fiance pampering him lol!

Where to buy and how much?

I bought my Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment from The Beauty Parlour as they were the cheapest at €45 including p&p and have very quick delivery.
They also have the GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment which is definitely next on my list!

I know €45 may seem like a lot for this little jar but you will get at the very minimum 10 face masks from this. You would spend at least €50 on just one facial anyway. And this is better than your average facial in my opinion.

Happy pampering, Yaz xx



20 thoughts on “GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment – Review

        • So I used both of the Glamglow mud masks and I have to say I think I am the only person who didn’t think they were great??? Now maybe as you said with Girl Friday below its because I don’t really have oily skin (mine is normal but very congested – alot of potential spots which lie under the skin but don’t come. I feel like my skin is always in need of a good exfoliate despite how often I do exfoliate, it never feels enough!!!). I have an Orogold face mask and much as it pains me to say it I way prefer that compared to the Glamglow!!!

          • Ahh sorry you weren’t a big fan. See any face masks I’ve used I haven’t found them as good as this and also the first time I used it I had let my skin get very bad so I noticed a huge difference the first time I used it and it helped me get back on track with a skincare routine. I might check out that Orogold one xx

  1. oh this mask looks so interesting, i have to be honest and say I haven’t tried a mud mask before heheheh :D this could be a good way to start :D
    big hugs honey, great review and pics <3

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