No cleanser,no chemicals, just water makeup remover!

I’m talking about the Nima Mitt ladies!!

eco friendly cleanser the nima mitt

I dread taking off my make up in the evenings. I’m sure I’m not the only one. The only reason I don’t look forward to it is because I hate my skin feeling greasy and oily after cleansers and they all seem to sting my eyes, even the most gentle ones. And washing my face over the sink only ends up with water on the floor, my hair and sleeves haha!

The Nima Mitt from makeup artist Niamh Martin the creator of Nima Brushes (another Irish lady in business whooo!) has changed that and I don’t dread the task of removing my makeup with this nifty little mitt! It’s an open glove that you just slip your hand into. There are tiny micro fibres (smaller than a human hair) tightly woven together and that’s what breaks down the make up so easily.

To be honest I was really sceptical when I first got this. I thought no way is this going to take off all my foundation and eye makeup with just water. Even if it does, I thought, it will drag my skin and I’ll be left red and blotchy.

Eventually I gave it a go and I was REALLY surprised.  It took off all my foundation,  mascara, eyeliner, the lot, all with no dragging of my skin and no redness afterwards. Isn’t that amazing?!? Just water and this mitt did that! My skin also felt smooth as one of the other advantages of this mitt is that it gently exfoliates skin. This is such a wonder product. I’ve really fallen in love with this. For any busy mum/woman it’s so handy…..just wet the mitt give it a little squeeze, go around your face and eyes in small circles and ta-da now make up free, exfoliated and ready for  your moisturizer!

You can find Nima Brush on Facebook & Twitter. Go give this great Irish business some support.

Tell me, have you tried this before or a similar eco-friendly, no fuss cleanser?

Yaz x

19 thoughts on “No cleanser,no chemicals, just water makeup remover!

  1. I totally agree!! It’s brilliant and it’s irish and VERY affordable – think I paid 12 euro for it!! Saving a fortune on cleansers already!! Her brushes are great too!!

    • Yes exactly Jane, oh and I forgot to put the price in thanks for reminding me! When you think about the money you’d spend on an eye and makeup removers it works out the same if not cheaper :D Thanks so much for your comment x

  2. These look great, and I’m glad to hear it really works, but I’m always terrified that anything micro-fibre will be too drying for my already dry/sensitive skin.

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