Low Low Event – helping women feel good about food again!

Last week I was invited along to a LowLow event along with some other bloggers. We weren’t really sure what to expect. When we got there, there was lots of yummy food made by Tara Quirke

lowlow tara quirke nibbles

Then when we were all sitting down with some wine and  Sile Seoige and Lucy Kennedy came over to chat. They were so lovely! They told us they would love us to join in the conversation when it started.

Lucy, Myself & Síle

Lucy, Myself & Síle

Nutritional therapist Elsa Jones was there also along with Deirdre Cowman, co-author of children’s book ‘The Magnificent Toby Plum‘ which aims to promote positive body image

lowlow cliches
The talk was really interesting. Lots of studies and stats on women and their look on diets and how we look at food in a bad way because of ads that make it look like you should be on a diet and always worryinga bout what we eat and how some ads like the chocolate ones are made to look so sinful and should be a ”secret”

Low Low event

We then got to see a spin-off/parody ad. Oh the room was in giggles and I think we can all relate to Muffin Girl :)) Take a look

We also got a lovely goodie bag with a head
massager and cheese (sorry both are not in the pic, they’ve been uses haha) as well as some other nice bits 

lowlow event goodie bag

Yaz x

5 thoughts on “Low Low Event – helping women feel good about food again!

  1. It’s awesome that there are people doing so much to help change women’s perception of food. It’s hard to kick all those negative images and stereotypes we’ve been shown all our lives.

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