WOW Curl Mi 3in1 Professional Brush – Review

I picked up this scary looking brush at The Irish Beauty Show (see my post on that here) along with some Siesta Rollers, review to come on them soon on them, I’m giving them a good try out first)

Wow Curl Mi 3in1 professional brush review

I’ve been using the Curl Mi Brush a lot. When I first tried it, I found it difficult, but I’m no good at doing my own hair so I tried it on my daughter’s hair and it worked perfect and her hair was full of volume! :) So I gave it another go and was used to it after my few trial runs. It’s like your average round blow dry brush…but better!! It glides through your hair, make sure you brush out the tangles first and works better when you use conditioner when washing your hair.

curl mi brush close up

This is how I do my hair for best results……….
To start off I blast my hair with the hair dryer to take the heavy wetness out of it, then I flip my head upside down and start at the root sand work my way down turning the hair around the brush as I go. Then I’ll flip my head………right way up ;) and twirl the ends around it to make them bouncy too. Then I flip my hair again, spray hairspray in my hands and rub through my roots, flip right way up again and give it a little brush and fix my parting, some more hairspray and I’m done!

Of course you don’t need to dry the roots upside down, I sometimes don’t, I just find it easier to get at the roots that way.

I use this brush all the time now as it lessens drying time with the vents all around the brush and it does give great body in a short amount of time. And that’s saying a lot considering if I leave my hair to dry naturally I have poker straight, lifeless hair! So it’s a winner in my eyes!

You can buy it online from Wow-Pamper Lounge for £15 though when I clicked republic of Ireland it went down to £12.50!? Happy Days! And postage is £3.99 or free if your order is over £30. Connect with them via Twitter & Facebook too to keep up with all their great products and special offers.

Would love to know if you’ve used this brush and do you like it?

Yaz x

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