Nails of the week! China Glaze – Aqua Baby

Rather than ”nails of the day” (I don’t have time to paint my nails every day!) I thought I’d do a ”nails of the week” post ;)

China Glaze Aqua Baby

China Glaze Aqua Baby

Here I’m wearing China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Aqua Baby, it’s a lovely teal colour x

12 thoughts on “Nails of the week! China Glaze – Aqua Baby

  1. LOVE this color. I love painting my nails, but always end up smudging them because the moments of quiet I thought I’d have somehow come to an abrupt end. Haha. Mom problems. ;)

    • I got these done just in time before little man woke from his nap lol! Also Seche Vite topcoat is my new favourite, it dries really quick and makes the polish rock hard!! It’s great stuff x

  2. Love Aqua too! My problem is that when I do out nail polish on, it’s still there chipped and taunting me a week later. And I can’t miss them, as when I’m writing, I’m looking at the feckers!
    Well painted too btw!

    • Hehe yeh that happens, Ive been using the Boujours instant polish remover, you know the pink little tub, you stick your finger in twist and Voila!!!! polish is gone, really quick and no need for cotton pads, I must do a proper review of it x

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