International Womens Day & why we need Feminism

Today is International Womens Day, theme this year is A Promise is a Promise: Time for Action to End Violence Against Women. It’s to  highlight the hardships, unequal treatment, unnecessary suffering and violence against women in all parts of the worlds simply because we are women It’s also a day to highlight & celebrate the achievements , quality, strength, respect & the deserved equal rights of women everywhere.

Then today I see this ad in my local Northside People paper. I just looked at it in disgust and shock!! Is it really 2013 or are we back to the 1920’s when women were to be seen and not heard and it was practically forced for you to give up your job when you got married?

a stuff

We try to get equal treatment  and respect for women the same way men do because women should be empowered to feel that they can do anything a man can do with the same respect and treatment.

Yet, we have sexist ad’s like this basically saying to young girls and teens ”Hey just give girls money and we are happy, all we want/need is ”Daddy’s Money” Well that’s how the ad speaks to me, call me dramatic but it pisses me off!! If I was a young impressionable girl too I’d think hey I can just get whatever I want with Daddy’s Money no need to work hard for it.

I didn’t have a Dad growing up and unfortunately my ”mother” wasn’t really much of a mother to me, but I think if I seen this ad I would have thought… it only men that can buy me things, only men that have all the money so I can go shopping….and look taller then? (I was a small child lol)


Source-DaddysMoney Pinterst account!

Are our little girls not worth more that this??

Do young girls/pre teens/teens have to be made feel that they need to be taller along with other pictures in magazine of thin girls, is that only type of ”pretty”? From looking at magazines I’d think yes that’s all that’s in them so it must be what’s ”normal” or the ”right way to look”.

I don’t want my beautiful daughter thinking she needs to be taller etc but more so I don’t want my daughter thinking its ok to run to ”Daddy” for money when she wants something or think it’s the only way to get anything in life, by going to a man for the money. I want her to know and be used to the idea that women CAN be independent and work and be paid the same as a man and buy her own things in life.  Girls and women should never have to be made feel that’s the only way.

It hurts so much and makes me sad and scared at the same time that these are the type of ad’s my now very young and impressionable 6-year-old will be growing up with. It’s things like this that make me realise more how much women need feminism, I need feminism you need feminism, our daughters need feminism. HECK… even men need feminism if they are basically being told by this ad that they are good for money and that’s all daughters/women need from them!!i need feminism because 2

I’d love to know what you ll think of this ad??
Also I’d say Happy International Women’s Day but it just doesn’t feel right after this xx

16 thoughts on “International Womens Day & why we need Feminism

  1. I agree with you and I think you wrote a very interesting post. The suggestion that all you need is a man with money puts important aspects of life like education in the shade and when education is overlooked we end up with ads like these.

  2. Wow, this is a Skecher’s ad for little girls’ shoes?!! I thought this company would have more class…I would never buy my daughter these shoes JUST because of this horrible ad. I’d really like to hear Skecher’s explanation for this tackiness.

    • Yes, isn’t it scary we have ads like this in 2013? Same, I’m not going near Sketchers shoes anymore! I sent them an email of my post and they replied basically saying it’s meant to be lighthearted fun annd they are sorry people are offended and have donated nearly 5 miliion pairs of shoes…… hmmm ok so that makes it ok to disrespect girls then!

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  6. It’s very sad to see such a advert, but nowadays everywhere tv, shops etc. are plagued with these kinda things ,and it’s crazy that in order to make money companies are exploiting young children who are of course attracted to sparkly posters and colour images. But great post hun!

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