Irish Beauty Show 2013! – My Buys

The Irish Beauty Show is held every year in the RDS Dublin and boy do I  love this show so much!! It’s  every beauty lovers dream place to shop ;) Lots of great brands and businesses and of corse discounts/bargains and pampering  to be had too! I also love finding new brands to try out at this show too.
I met some other lovely Irish beauty bloggers there too, Karen & Joanne from LovelyGirlieBits, Sue from CherrySueDointheDo & Nina from NinasBeautyBargains. So it was nice to have a catch up with them over a coffee.

Well I just wanted to show you what I bought and I’ll be doing reviews on them all which I’m looking forward to over the next few weeks :D

Irish Beauty Show 2013 Bargains & Buys
I first headed over to the Cocoa Brown stall to say hello to Marissa, she’s so sweet! I found her stall easily because I knew there would be pink, sure enough her and the girls were all wearing pink and there were pink balloons haha! I got myself another bottle of her 1 hour tan (review here) and another tanning mitt as I couldn’t find my other one. She also had a deal which was 3 or 4 (can’t remember) bottles for €20!

Black Canvas Cosmetics was next where I got myself the F17 contour brush whick I’d been wanting for ages , I think it was €14.

~~I headed for a coffee then as the crowds were already getting to me eeek! and that’s when I met Karen, Joanne and Sue, had a little chat and they showed me their buys. Then I went to have a smoke (I know, I know!) where I met Nina :) ~~

Back in I went to the madness! I got China Glaze Polishes from Flair, they had a brilliant deal of 3 for €12!!!! Amazing! Then next to them was Salon Services where I picked up the Seche Vite top coat as it was highly reccommended by Karen and she told me how it was almost half price off at the show so I got this for just €5.50 and a pack of nail files, always a necessity to have :D

Then I went to get some individual lashes and black glue, I think these were from ASU?! I much prefer putting on individual lashes, I find them so much easier than the strip ones, I can never seem to get them to stay on.
I was telling the girl at the stall this and she couldn’t believe I put them on myself lol!  I got the short ones as the long and medium are too much for me. The short just add a nice bit of thickness.

I then seen a girl from Helen É cosmetics (I first tried their lipstick from a Glossybox and I loved it) and wanted to buy some of their products but they didn’t have a stall really she was selling the little make-up bag with a foundation, smudge eyeliner, mascara, lip crayon and a £10 voucher for their online store (when you spend over £25)

I’ve been wanting sleep in rollers for ages and ages, even though my hair is quite short and I’m not sure what way they will turn out for me but I seen a company called Wow Pamper Lounge who do similar ones and they had that cool brush, see pic above.
The girl showed me in my hair how it just kept the hair turning in the brush without it getting knotted. She said it’s great for getting volume at the top. So I couldn’t leave without them and got one pack of the rollers and the brush for €20, well actually €18, the girl was so nice she let me off the €2 as I went to count the last few bob in my purse and that was all I had (I’d already been to the ATM and the q was huge and really didn’t want to have to q up again) so thank you very much, sorry I never got your name!

So all in all I really enjoyed the day out and all my buys :) I highly recommend any beauty lovers to check this show out next year, it will be on in the RDS March 9th & 10th 2014 (jot that down in the diary girls!!)

Glitter Mama x

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13 thoughts on “Irish Beauty Show 2013! – My Buys

  1. Love what you bought! I couldn’t find that Seche Vite topcoat anywhere, it’s my absolute favourite. The crowds were absolutely insane there, so ended up leaving a little early :)

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