Free Keelings Diary -Tesco

Ok getting a bit obsessed with the diaries….last one I promise haha!  Just had to show you what I got in Tescos today. When you buy 2 packs of  Keelings strawberries (€5 for 2) you get this super cute diary free. It has loads of great healthy recipes too. I’m thinking of just pulling them pages out and making a little book with them and other recipes I like

Keelings Strawberries, free diary

keelings diary and recipe book

Glitter Mama x


One thought on “Free Keelings Diary -Tesco

  1. I am new to blogging and stumbled into the community pool by accident; I am glad I did. I tried to reply to your comments on helping Mommyverbs but every time I clicked on reply a box opened saying reply to “Old world-New girl”. So, i just went to your blog; it’s beautiful.

    You mentioned to Mommyverbs about widgets. I have so many questions, like why could I not reply to you on the community pool page, what’s a widget, and how do I follow fellow bloggers without having to go through the whole list before I find the one I want.

    I started this blog to get back to the things I love; cooking, family, writing, and hopefully photography. My niece got me started and she said I will set you up with Pinterest this way the recipes you post will also post on Pinterest. The Pinterest icon shows up but not one of my recipes went to that site.

    I wish I knew someone who lives in my area and knows how to do a blog; learning side by side would be great.

    Perhaps you could help me.

    Thank you,


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