Master Cleanse, Day 1-not going well!

Yep, I’m starting to think I was mad thinking of trying this! I want to do it for the detoxing benefits as lately I’m feeling constantly tired, crappy, bloated and my hormones are a mess! All part of IBS  and depression I suppose.

Ok I had all this written out yesterday but I had a pretty rough day yesterday so I ended up scraping the diet till today.

master cleanse ingredients

The master cleanse is a diet to cleanse you of toxins built up in your body,  it is much debated whether it’s safe or not or whether it actually does detox your body. But from doing my own research I feel it has to be some what beneficial and definitely better than the way I eat fatty, greasy bad food. I’m sure my body will be happy of the break from all that crap, also you’re getting enough calories from the maple syrup and vitamins from the lemons and cayenne pepper believe it or not, so you’re not going to go into starvation mode. But I’ve no doubt I’ll feel crap from tea/coffee/chocolate/fat withdrawals! I’m going to cut down on the smokes, I don’t think I’d cope with out my smokes on this cleanse!

Some people ”ease in” to this master cleanse but that is sort of what I did yesterday. You first of all eat only fruit and veg day 1, juiced fruit & veg day 2, orange juice, day 3 then onto the drinking of the actual mixture day 4 etc. Now this just sounds harder to me, personally I feel I’m better off just going straight into it. Day 3 of jut orange juice doesn’t sound too nice. Maple syrup and lemon juice sounds more appealing to me haha!

Some people do this for 40 days,  jut drink only the mixture for 40 days!!! But it still works(cleanses you of toxins) if you do it for 10…………..I highly doubt I’ll manage 10 days………..maybe with some cheating I will haha! But sure we’ll see how I go. And the way I look at it too, anything is better than the way I’ve been eating lately! I’m hoping to even be able to manage 3 days, I really can’t see how I’d do 3 days, with 2 kids that would be hard. I might if I can heat a bit, say eat some fruit if I get super hungry. I’m not sure yet but we’ll see.

So by 2 pm I’ve done the salt water flush and had 2 glasses of the lemonade mixture. It was really tasty, so it makes it easier. But I just finished a small bowl of soup!! I was soooo hungry and it’s so cold today. But as I said before I’m doing this cleanse my way. I’m making sure if I do eat it’s healthy, so the soup was home-made from the shops that is. So I’m hoping I can keep going, this is HARD!! I hate feeling hungry :( (Christian grey would not be happy lol!)

I’ll be making dinner in a while and I really don’t ee how I’m gonna cook it, smell it and watch everyone else eat! I will tell you how get on tomorrow but it’s not looking good. I seen a version of this where you just replace one meal with teh lemonade………that sounds more like me!

Glitter Mama x


5 thoughts on “Master Cleanse, Day 1-not going well!

  1. I wouldn’t do this if I had IBS and depression, such a shock to the system surely would aggravate both. Would you not go for something like a wholefood/fresh diet instead, less harsh on the body and mind.

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