Schwarzkopf Shake it Up Colour Foam Review

I dyed my hair….again! This time a blue/black shade by Schwarzkopf, the Shake it up foam. My hair is naturally a very dark brown and I’ve been trying to get it red without having to bleach it. I’ve put in a few reds and it sort of comes through but very dark and would only be noticeable in the sun more so. As you know red washes out very quick and goes almost orange. I was going to dye it a reddish shade again but decided it’s washing me out, making me look very pale you know?
The only person I’ve seen who can really pull it off is Rachel from A Pretty Obsession  have a look here

Right so onto my thoughts of the  Schwarzkopf Shake it up foam. I bought it in boots a I thought it looked quick and less messy than your average hair dye.
I put the developer in the sort of milkshake tub 1st then the sachet of colour (it was already half burst open in the tub though, boooo!) closed the lid and shaked (40 odd times like it said) I was terrified it’d go everywhere what with me being a bit of a clutz haha! But it didn’t :) So I scooped out the foam and started applying.



Now I found this to be more watery than I expected so it wasn’t that clean and quick as I though. Also I noticed when I got to the bottom there were powdery clumps but there were bitty bits through out it too?! But sure I couldn’t shake it anymore to mix as it was all just foam. Anyway I worked it all through and got there in the end. My hair is now a nice shiny black, I wasn’t really expecting the blue to come out anyway. The only reason I don’t buy normal black as it seems to look really harsh and not as shiny.

I love Schwarzkopf colours but I won’t be buying the foam again because it wasn’t any less messy than normal bottle dyes and I didn’t like the fact that it didn’t mix great and left lumps, but it did smell great.

If you’ve tried this let me know how you got on?

Glitter Mama x


9 thoughts on “Schwarzkopf Shake it Up Colour Foam Review

  1. I dye my own hair but have never used Schwarzkopf dyes. That looks really messy, I would have expected a nice thick foam like the other foamed hair dyes on the market. At least you’re happy with how your hair turned out so not a total disaster or disappointment. Half a thumbs up maybe? :) xo

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