Liebster Blog Award

The lovely Fiona from La Belle Dame Sans Merci nominated me for a Liebster blog award. Yay, thanks Fiona so here a bit about the Liebster blog award and what you have to do

“A Liebster Blog Award is an award for new and upcoming bloggers who have great potential. The word Liebster is German for dearest, lovely, kind etc. and I am honoured to accept this award and have nominated eleven others myself.  Here are the rules should you choose to accept the award:

1. Thank your nominator and link back to the nominator’s blog in your post.
2. List eleven random facts about yourself
3. Answer eleven random questions posted by the nominator.
4. Create eleven questions for your nominees (you will answer these questions as well)

5. Nominate eleven other fabulous up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers for the Liebster Blog Award”

11 Random facts about me
1. I have 2 beautiful children
2. I’m in my 20’s
3. I cry at least twice a week lol!
4. I’m a qualified beauty therapist
5. I have no pets (fish but don’t think they really count)
6. I smoke, have tried to quit but then something stressful happens and I just can’t
7. I struggle with my weight and body issues
8. I like to eat my dinner on buttered bread sometimes haha!
9. I love the singer Pink
10. I’m very loyal and honest
11. I don’t really like Christmas but only for the kids I get excited

My eleven questions from Fiona

1. If you could invite any three people, alive or dead to a dinner party who would they be and why?
My Nana coz I miss her so much, Pink and Robert Pattinson!! :)

2. What is your middle name?
Sorry but I’m so private haha

3. Favourite colours?
Purple and Black

4. Last song you listened to?

5. Why did you choose your blog name?
Glitter- coz I love glitter and sparkly things, Mama-coz I’m a mom and Wishes- because we all have dreams and wishes

6. What is your star sign?
Leo- raaaawwwwrrr!

7. What is your dream job?

8. Your guilty pleasure T.V. programme?

9. Who are your best friends?
Too many to mention from a group of lovely girls! :)

10. What is your natural hair colour?
Dark Brown

11. Who is your favourite writer?
I don’t read  lot but I like Twilight so I’ll have to say Stephanie Meyer

My 11 nominations:

From Beauty2Fashion
My Internal World Dot Com
Beauty Burgerac
Merelleabella’s Beauty Blog
Fashion Feen
Luby’s Angels Beautify
The New Farmerette
My Daily Beauty Blog
Pixi Wishes & Forehead Kisses
Out Crown Fashion
Missey Chelles

And my 11 questions for my nominees (sorry I forgot to answer these) :)

1. Why did you start blogging?
I trained as a beauty therapist and always had an interest in beauty, make up, skin care etc so I missed it after I had my 2 children and found myself out of the loop if you know what I mean. So blogging has just made me make time for my love of beauty and also is helping take my mind of stressful things in my life right now

2. How did you come up with your blog name?
Answered already in above questions

3. Favourite thing to wear?
Prob leggings coz they are comfy, an oversized top and a pair of boots or my pj’s :)

4. Favourite movie?
A Little Princess, Mean Girls and oh I don’t know theres so many, I love horror/psychological thrillers

5. Favourite colour?

6. Favourite singer/artist?
Eminem and Pink, I like Bruno Mars too, and Neil Diamond and bit of Christy Moore!

7. Best day of your life?
When I had my 2 children without a doubt

8. Favourite food?
Lasagna, chips and coleslaw or chilli con carne mmmm!

9. Horror or Happy films?

10. Heels or flats?
Flats, but I do still love heels

11.  Chocolate or Crisps?

Let me know if you do this and thanks again Fiona xx


7 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Ah yay! I accept your cool questions and will answer in a post soon. Not sure about all these awards. Not sure i deserve one as such and there seem to be so many. I never know which ones to actually complete as dont want people to think i love myself lol! Am i thinking about this too much! :p x

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