The gorgeous new Lottie Doll

The gorgeous Lottie Doll by Arklu wanted a doll that was realistic to young girls instead of the normal big boobed, long legs, teeny waist Barbie type doll making girls and Mommies, yes me haha, compare themselves to a bloody doll and they’ve done a great job making this a reality in my opinion.

I think these dolls give a much better perception for impressionable little girls, they take everything in after all, and the more I hear about girls wanting to look like Barbie when they are older the more it scares me. So it’s a very nice and welcome change  to see a brand that makes normal proportioned child like dolls, making girls feel they are perfect the way they are :)

Lottie doll

Snow Queen Lottie Doll packaging

Lottie Doll

My daughter loves her new doll, she said she’s really ”cute”  It’s also that little bit smaller than a Barbie which is nice.

Lottie is supposed to be a 9-year-old girl by the way and likes to play dress up and play outdoors :)

Here are some of the other cute Lottie Dolls


Autumn Leaves Lottie, Pony Flag Race Lottie, Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie

You can see the full range of Lottie Dolls and accessories here. Also on their website they have loads of fun stuff for kids colouring pages etc and competitions. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter also. Lottie Dolls are available here in Ireland from Smyths for €19.99

What do you guys think? Has your little girl got one? I think I’ll be buying these instead of Barbie’s from now on they really are adorable.

Glitter Mama x


7 thoughts on “The gorgeous new Lottie Doll

  1. Those are really cute. My 4-yr-old has a couple of barbies that we picked up at yard sales, and first we all had a big discussion about how real people couldn’t possibly have bodies like that… not sure how much that sunk in but have to reiterate it every now and then. She’d love a Lottie doll, I bet.

  2. My four year old daughter got the autumn leaves one for Christmas with the dog accessory pack. She loves the doll, but hated the name! So she’s now called Lily instead. Until now she’s only had cloth dolls and a couple of reaistic baby ones, but we’ve resisted barbies, and have put away a couple she’s been given. She’s a tomboy with two big brothers though, so dolls don’t get played with much, and she’d much rather be out on her bike.

  3. Hello,
    I’m a french journalist and I’m working for the french family magazine « Parents » ( I’m writing an article about Lottie.
    Will it be possible to call you to talk about this doll ?
    Just write me an email ( and I’ll explain you everything.
    Thanks a lot.
    Jessica Agache-Gorse

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