Children’s Letter from Santa and Reindeer Food

I remember getting a letter from Santa all the way from the North Pole as a kid and I was soooo amazed like WOW Mam and Dad weren’t lying, Santa DOES know everything” 

So now that my little girl is 5 I decided to get one, despite her fear of Santa!? Don’t ask!

Well her little face when she got her letter from Santa and Magic Reindeer food, she was amazed, excited and thrilled that Santa wrote to her and knew everything what she wanted, where she lived and how well she was doing in school etc!  Got me so excited for Christmas too just seeing her excitement!

Santa Letter and Magic Reindeer Food (Click to see bigger)
€3.50 incl p&p  (Pic from Byrne-ing Inspiration)

Isn’t it fab and all for only €3.50 that’s including P&P I think that’s fantastic value to see that excitement on kids faces :)) And look at the Santa stamp!!!  This is from the lovely Lisa at Byrne-ing Inspiration click HERE for the Facebook page too. You can contact her through Facebook or her website and she will tell you the details that she needs.

She also has beautiful cards and candles etc for all occasions, well worth a  look. Tell her I sent you too if you pop by and let me know if you get your child one of these letters, I’m telling you for €3.50 it’s so worth it ad you’ll be supporting an Irish business :) Can’t wait to sprinkle the magic reindeer food on the lawn either…….. it’s glittery haha!

Glitter Mama x


3 thoughts on “Children’s Letter from Santa and Reindeer Food

  1. Awh so sweet! I can’t wait until I have my little boy, he’ll only be 10 months old next Christmas so he won’t understand but in the years to come I can’t wait for all the magical Christmas memories we’ll have together. Hope you and your daughter have a wonderful Christmas hun :) xo

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