Inglot Blogger Event-Blanchardstown

Went to my 1st blogger event last week thanks to Inglot, was great to meet other beauty bloggers and see their gorgeous new products out for Christmas :)

Inglot Blanchardstown

We also got a goody bag! Love everything I got and I bought S-Bond for my nails coz they are constantly peeling even though they are strong and grow really fast, I think it’s a ll the changing nappies and bottle washing lol! Been using it a week now and they are peeling less hallelujah! Forgot to get myself a Freedom System Palette, its great coz you can pick such a huge range of eyeshadows and have them in a number of slot e/g 2,3,5 or 10 and can get the square or round slots.

Inglot Goodies

They have a new Rainbow Shadow Collection,part of the new Christmas range (see image above) they have 3 different shades of colour in each little square, fab idea and they are very cheap too, I think only about €5?!  They blend really nice and great pigment in them too.

The gold nail polish is WOW! I love it, even after one coat it’s so….well….gold!! :) Sorry no picture on, but my cuticles are in bits!! :o

Have any of you tried Inglot before? 




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