Why I’ll be voting NO in the Irish Children’s referendum

The reason I’ll be voting no is because of my own experience of being in a state ”care”, I’m all for children’s rights and their voice being heard, it is a must but they need to change the inside of the system 1st!
I now suffer from depression because of the severe mental and physical abuse I suffered from while in state care from care workers and social care workers. I put myself in care voluntary thinking I would be better protected. I f I wasn’t so mature and savvy for my age I’m sure I would also have been sexually abused by one male care worker who over stepped the line on a few occasions (I hear he’s now gone…. )
It seemed to me they were on a power buzz and loved to have total control over me, they would constantly run me down and would say nasty vicious lies about me, to me they were children possibly adults of bullying and took it out on me to make them feel big. Bear in mind this is not too long ago that I was in care! I was left without a social worker for 6 months I can only imagine how bad it is now!.

I got out of care before the age of 18 for the simple fact I blackmailed them! I recorded one of their ‘staff meeting’ in which they called me names and other horrific things were said that I still can’t wrap my head around. I told them unless they let me go I will give this recording to all the newspapers in Ireland. Only a week before this they said I wasn’t capable of living by myself (again more lies to upset me,hard to believe I know) after that their attitude completely  changed and I was let go, best day of my life!!! Got myself an apartment and never heard from them again! It’s taken me years to let go of the hurt and anger because of them! I still cry over how people who were supposed to ”care” for me did nothing but physically and mentally abuse me, it worries me that other children/teenagers are going through this. Another girl I was in care with had severe mental problems and was let out until 11pm in one of the roughest parts of Dublin I told them that was wrong but they didn’t listen, they didn’t care…..

They were nothing but bullies who all had each others back and all trying to climb up the ladder. I could go on and on and give you so many more examples. My main point is We need to vote NO and force them to change the inside of the system 1st before anything else is done! We are putting children from one bad situation to possibly worse. Please please share this, I don’t want any child to go through what I went through, I still have long-term effects from it. If you’re not sure Vote NO! Read the following facts if you’re still thinking Yes

  • A child in Irish State “Care” is 6 times more likely to die than children in the General Population.
  • Ireland took 2.3 times more children into “care” , per capita than the UK in 2011, the number of criminal convictions for child abuse or neglect have not increased in the last decade.
  • A child in Irish State “Care” is 3 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than children in the general population and also 5 times more likely to suffer from mental illness (says Fiona McNicholas, professor of child psychiatry at University College Dublin
  • 43% of the Irish Prison Population have been in State “Care”.
  • A child in State “Care” is 3 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than children in the general population.
  • Less than 6% of “Care” alumni will go on to higher education, far lower than children in the poorest neighborhoods in Ireland.
  • Children placed in “Care” are twice as likely to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder than Troops returning from Afghanistan and suffer 4 times more severly.
  • During a time of “shortage of social workers” from 2004 to 2007, the number of children removed tripled.
  • In the Roscommon House of Horrors, the children saved themselves despite social workers being involved with the family for 11 years. Nobody was fired
  • In the Baby Ann case, the mother changed her mind about putting the baby up for adoption but the social worker delayed the process for over a year. Baby Ann had to remain in care of the prospective parents until the parents got married and the case got to the Supreme Court. The baby could have been returned far sooner but the case was delayed by the State.
  • In 260 deaths in “Care” and 500 missing children in a decade, no social work or their manager has ever been fired. In the Baby P Case, a Paediatrician, a GP, 3 Social Workers and their manager were fired over the death of 1 baby.
  • The HSE had 541 “Confirmed” cases of sexual assault on children, the DPP only had 20 Prosecutions. The HSE have been having a “Turf War” with the HSE who wont report sexual assaults to Gardai.
  • For every 184 cases where the HSE have a “Care” Order, only 1 person will be charged with a crime of child abuse or neglect.
  • Irish Social Workers have taken an unknown number of girls to the UK for abortions, in 1 documented case, againt the will of the child who was told she was going for a checkup.
  • In Irish Family Courts, the HSE use Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy to prosecute parents who take their child to doctors too many times. This “disorder” is not listed in the American Psychological Association Manual of Mental Disorders. It is not legally allowed to be used in courts by Case Law after the Roy Meadows/David Southall fiasco where over 5,000 innocent parents were convicted and cant be used in UK courts. It is on the HSE website.
  • In Ireland in a decade, there were 21 cases of “Shaken Baby Syndrome” prosecuted by the HSE, there was only one person convicted in a criminal court and he pleaded guilty. This is another fictitious syndrome which is no longer used in the UK according to the Crown Prosecution Service but is still used in Ireland. Many children are in “Care” on that basis.
  • Irish Social Workers typically send parents to several Psychologists until ONE can find something mentally wrong. The negative diagnosis is then used in court and the others ignored.
  • Irish Social Workers have used “Hired Gun” “Experts”, many from the UK, who have perjured themselves but none have been prosecuted. There is a case before the Supreme Court asking for the In-Camera Rule to be lifted so that Gardai can investigate perjury.
  • Any crime committed against a child in “Care” can not be reported by the parents to the Gardai due to the In-Camera Rule. A parent can be jailed in secret in Ireland for violating this rule. Only the HSE can investigate the HSE. This allows perjury to be used on a daily basis in Family Court with no consequences.
  • Minister Fitzgerald announced that she would remove the HSE from the role of Child Protection and establish a “New” Agency. She intends using the same 3,260 staff, the same managers and the same system. The only thing that will have changed is the name on the pay slips. The 3,260 staff will also get a bonus in the form of a Redundacy Payment.
  • The HSE Budget for legal went over-budget by €8 million last year. €18 million versus a budget of €10 million. This money was paid to private law firms to prosecute families on their behalf.
  • Barnardos Children’s Charity wer paid €15,000,000 from the Child Protection budget in 2010. Barnardos provide services such as Guardian at Litem, Counselling and other related services.
  • Over 80% of the €580 million Child Protection budget is paid to private companies and individuals.
  • The actual cost of child protection is over €1 billion a year when you factor in legal aid, court service, medical cards and other expenses.
  • Former Supreme Court Justice Hugh O’Flaherty doesn’t believe that a referendum on children’s rights is necessary.
  • Retired judge Michael Patwell said that, while he had previously believed there was a need for the Constitutional amendment, he had changed his mind.
  • High Court judge Gerard Hogan said that the phrase, “best interests of the child,” could be ambiguous.I got these staticts and facts from http://aps.ie/page1.php


20 thoughts on “Why I’ll be voting NO in the Irish Children’s referendum

  1. So sorry to read your awful story :( I suppose I thought the referendum was to help ensure that more children in care could be adopted? In fact some have said that it is a cost saving measure as it will be a lot cheaper if there are fewer children in care. My perspective is thst of a separated parent and the proposed changes should benefit children there, with more emphasis on the rights if children, which will hopefully mean thst parents won’t be able to treat their children as possessions or use them as ‘ weapons’ to hurt their exes.

    • But in reality it’s rare a child will be adopted from care esp if they are in their teens. I know people who have relatives in care but the social workers nit pick and always find something wrong so teh child can’t live with their relatives, it’s ridiculous. I think in the case of parents using children as weapons, mainly it’s the mothers, fathers rights need to be changed also x

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  3. They keep saying it will be great as kids in foster care will be able to be adopted. How many adoptions will be rushed through all in the name of “saving money”, also what about siblings…it’s heartbreaking to think of the kids split up,( in foster care but having some sort of access) , but then one or all of them being adopted separately and never seeing each other again.

    Then what if the government decide that it’s in the best intrest of all children to have full vaccinations…they can order forced vaccinations, against the parents wishes. ( mine are all vaccinated btw, but some people are against them)

    It will be too late to complain if the yes is voted in, the government WILL be able to do it.

    I have no fear of my kids being taken into care, it won’t affect me. But what about the kids there at the moment, and future kids taken…. They need to sort themselves out and do the right thing for kids, before they give themselves more power.

    • Exactly siblings will be torn apart further if it’s a majority Yes vote. And yes they need to start worrying about the kids already in their care and stop with the cut backs for social workers etc, how they can say they have the childs best interests I just don’t know!

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  5. To help me decide I put myself in the shoes of Baby Anns mother. If the Constitution stays the way it is married parents have more rights then unmarried mothers/parents. If I had given my kid up for adoption and changed my mind a few months later I would have had to marry a very awful man to get my kid back. And then I (and my child) would have been tied to this man forever. We would have been stuck in an awful situation. We had already gone through enough abuse with this man.
    Thankfully we live by ourselves, and I didn’t have to go through what baby Ann parents went though.
    The care system needs to be changed. I totally agree. The irish should be shouting and marching more on the governments cuts.
    The vote today in about the Constitution, not about how the government spends money. If we are unhappy about the government, make your voice heard, protest on cuts. Write letters to leaders and vote on a different party next time.
    People who adopt kids, will do it for love. The laws on adopting are not going to change, I’m sure there are strict guidelines which parents have to go through.

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  7. Well Good for you for posting this, I don’t have children of my own but I would have voted NO yesterday but I was in the UK. Poor you and you have suffered. THE government can now change the Children’s referendum without informing the public, once they got the YES they can do what they want. If you asked me people signed there kids away yesterday like we sold Ireland to EU for the bail out! This country stinks to be honest, sick of it!

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  9. Oh my god what an amazing post – really wish I had read this before the referendum. Thank God you got out I can’t imagine how hard it must have been. Well done on everything that you have achieved x

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