Homestore + More – Winter Warmers

Here’s some things I bought yesterday from Homestore + More:

OMG the throw is so so warm and snuggly, I bought it for my lil fella’s cot but I’m so jealous I want it lol! Deffo a must have for the winter, I’m gonna have to go back and get myself one. They come in red and a beige colour too.

Love the draught excluder, it’s really cute and the fleece covered hot water bottle to warm up my bed………….can you tell I don’t like the cold!!!

New mat for winter mucky boots, all mats are 1/2 price from September but I get sale stuff 3 days early in a txt and email, sign up here, they do great half price offers every month! Right now they have all Halloween stuff, laundry baskets and cookware sets half price! :)

Anyone have any other ideas to keep me/the house warm for winter? What’s your fave winter warming tip? Comment below


I love to read your comments and always reply x

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