This is lovely! Everyone of every age needs to know these things for getting through life ♥

Signature Moms

By: Jessica DiRamio

Dear Daughter,

I know that when you hear me speak you sometimes want to ignore me. I know that some of my advice doesn’t mean anything to you now. I know you think that all I do is talk, talk, talk.  I do this because I only have a short time to teach you about the world before you are in charge.  Eighteen years might not be enough.

Here is what I’ve been saying and will continue to say to you:

  • Be nice to your sisters.  Someday you will need them on your side.
  • Remember that we really do love you and remember to reciprocate that love.  We won’t be around forever and although you may not think so now, you will regret not showing your love for us as much as you possibly could.
  • It’s OK to cry.  My shoulders are strong enough to hold you…

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